Low Vision

Many people experience significant vision loss due to conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, or diabetes.  It is not unusual for these individuals to experience difficulty in performing many common tasks such as:

Reading books, magazines, or their phones or tablets

Watching TV

Writing checks

Seeing road signs clearly while driving

Reading bills, medicine bottles or price tags while shopping

Seeing recipes or appliance dials or displays while cooking.

Now, through modern technology, we can HELP you perform these tasks more easily using MAGNIFYING VISION AIDS and devices.

Dr. Peters, our staff optometrist, is performing LOW VISION EVALUATIONS in our office to assess your visual needs and demonstrate and recommend devices and aids that will MAXIMIZE your useable vision.

A few of these devices are pictured and described below:

The Smart Lux

The Smart Lux is a handheld video magnifier which is easy to handle

and very portable.  It has variable magnification levels, and can also

save images for future recall and viewing.

                                          SL4.jpg              SL1.jpg


As you can see from the photo on the right, the Smart Lux gives a large, illuminted view of the document underneath.  It operates both in battery mode or AC current.

The Mobil Lux

The Mobil Lux expands upon the Super Lux by being able to connect to a computer or tablet via a USB cable, and display the magnified image there as well as through the device.


This is an illustration of the Mobil Lux magnifying the document shown.

Below is the magnified image displayed on a desktop computer.  Of course, once the image is on the computer display, it can also be modified further using the computer’s controls.


These are only a few of the devices and aids at your disposal.  Other options include various hand held and stand magnifiers, spectacle mounted spotting telescopes, special reading glasses, and contrast enhancing lenses. Through the course of the Low Vision evaluation, Dr. Peters will guide you toward a solution that best meets your personal needs.  



More magnifiers that connect to laptops AND read text to you!


Call us today at 717-718-2393 to discuss what we can do to


Dr. Peters is an approved provider of Low Vision Services through the

Office of Vocational Rehabilitation’s Bureau of Blindness and Visual Services.

The mission of the BBVS is to assist Pennsylvanians who are blind or visually impaired

in gaining the skills necessary to live and work independently in their communities. 

For information on whether you qualify for help from the BBVS, and to arrange a referral,

call their office at 717-787-7500 or 1-866-375-8264.

(TTY 1-888-575-9420)




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